Island of Antigua & Barbuda

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A few words about the destination

Island of Antigua & Barbuda

This beautiful travel destination is a sister island nation of two major islands, Antigua and Barbuda, which are approximately 40 km (20 mi) apart, and several smaller islands, including Great Bird, Green, Guiana, Long, Maiden, Prickly Pear, York, and Redonda. 

National Anthem: Fair Antigua and Barbuda
National Dish: Fungee and Pepperpot are the nation's national dish, found throughout the island nation.
National Bird: The Frigate The Frigate (Fregata magnificens L) is also known as Man-o'-War or Weather bird. Relatives of the pelicans, the male is glossy black. To attract females, he blows up his scarlet throat

The gps coordinates of 17° 5' 15.4860'' N and 61° 46' 20.4456'' W.

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